Goin’ Deep Show 1737: Tourette’s on a plane

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1737

Kid and Kleen play a clip of a tourette’s syndrome guy on a plane, we want to buy Mr. Roger’s house for porno and we do a hottie of the week. Go Deep. 


1:00 Gulping 6 packs – Studio@goindeepshow.com

2:00 Riding a plan with tourettes

3:00 Tourettes guy on plane

4:00 High five for Turrets guy

5:00 Its what’s in your head

6:00 Get on home 

7:00 Tik Tok time

8:00 New friends every day

9:00 Real puppets in land of make believe

10:00 Porn Scenarios 

11:00 Facts of Life 

12:00 Eckler is coming back 

13:00 Hottie of the week song 

14:00 Do you have Turrets 

15:00 Hooker with a fat ass 

16:00 Cookies situation

17:00 Justin Turner – nacho catch 

18:00 Cringe as an adult 

19:00 Final Words – Thank you – Recap 

Go Deep.

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