Goin’ Deep Show 1743: Live like its 200 years ago

Goin' Deep Show 1743

Kid and Kleen discuss dumbass populations of humans, stupid advertising shit, teaching kids bad words, being recognized in public, teaching kids the shocker and participation trophy crap thats fucked the world. Go Deep. 


1:00 Stealing ideas for apparel

2:00 Down with the Devil 

3:00 Chris Evans – Captain America

4:00 Retarded population

5:00 Sirius XM ads

6:00 We’re the best

7:00 People living 200 years ago

8:00 Baby boom predicted 

9:00 Teaching kids words

10:00 You can never be a lesbian 

11:00 Recognizing us 

12:00 Throwing the shocker 

13:00 Remembering the shocker 

14:00 hesitation on telling how guys are 

15:00 Is it really this fine tuned 

16:00 Fluid what with the what?

17:00 Participation trophy world

18:00 Girl rips ass in my face 

19:00 Final Words –  Everybody gets their word

Go Deep.

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