Goin’ Deep Show 1750: Fake fights and the crazy bitches

Kid and Kleen bring back in the one and only phenom and a surprise visit from Kid’s Ex-wife wraps it up where she talks about hew new guys crazy Ex and we ask why The Kid is still alive. Go Deep. 


1:00 Phenom Intro

2:00 Facebook vs Apple

3:00 Government treating you like a parent

4:00 Caitlyn Jenner – The real topic

5:00 Gov. Of California

6:00 You can CGI that shit

7:00 X wife and the bitch tits

8:00 Cameo for the Beverly Hills Cop

9:00 Using coconut oil

10:00 Dear Abby 

11:00 Wife separate

12:00 A sword overhead  

13:00 St. Pats drunken idiot fest 

14:00 Girlfriend and husband both die 

15:00 So far So good 

16:00 Coffee visit from Red

17:00 Crazy Ex’s 

18:00 I didn’t ask to be born  

19:00 Final Words –  Timing

Go Deep.

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