Goin’ Deep Show 1751: He has 35 boyfriends

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1751

The Kid, Mr. Kleen and The Phenom are in studio to discuss Mr. Kleen’s memory, Crushing pussy, South Park, Keeping track of loose hookers, and we bring up a story of a dude with 35 girlfriends. Kid watches some Fem shit on Netfucks and we wrap with pissing off bitches. Go Deep. 


1:00 Reach out to us at studio@goindeepshow.com

2:00 989-331-0KID (0543)

3:00 Forgetting stuff in the car

4:00 Tik Tok Shit

5:00 Kleen doesn’t know the number

6:00 Take me upstairs and crush my pussy

7:00 South Park Subscription

8:00 Reason to believe

9:00 Do chicks with dicks count

10:00 Keeping track of all the whores 

11:00 He’s asian so he can keep track  

12:00 Kleen’s 6 girlfriends  

13:00 Being way more efficient 

14:00 Woman with 35 boyfriends 

15:00 Too many freaking screens  

16:00 Rosie the riveter

17:00 Men at War – Woman making bolts 

18:00 Feminist men and more pussy 

19:00 Final Words – Go check out Fem on Netflix 

Go Deep.

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