Goin’ Deep Show 1752: Zip Hampton can touch the rim

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1752

Kleen tried to contain the baseline in this one. We play an awesome Joe Rogan clip, discuss hot high school girlfriends, Telling coach about the list Mr. Kleen list and we love hate armpit hair on women. Go Deep. 


1:00 Greetings – Kleen – Phenom 

2:00 Feminist – Fast clip

3:00 Armpit hair on women

4:00 Bubblelicious sister

5:00 You can’t jerk it anymore – no 35 girlfriends

6:00 Kleen told Cooch – while she was sleeping

7:00 Keeping an eye on the podcast

8:00 Topics to stir the pot

9:00 The Joe Rogan Madonna Clip

10:00 Joe Rogan watered down

11:00 Double whore ourselves out 

12:00 Do we go over and put the show there? 

13:00 Make you laugh 

14:00 Model citizen – Model fat person 

15:00 Teenage first girlfriend 

16:00 I don’t go in there

17:00 Kleen played hoops 

18:00 Kleen got dunked on 

19:00 Final Words – Kleen thinks he still has moves 

Go Deep.

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