Goin’ Deep Show 1753: Game on motherfucker

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1753

Kid and Kleen talk frats, rednecks, hazing, self control and installation of titties. We do some empowerment, discuss terrible sex shit and wrap with gross websites. Go Deep. 


1:00 Take your hands out of my pants

2:00 Touch it Touch it

3:00 Get the fuck out of this room

4:00 Kleen and the retarded frat thing

5:00 It was just a drinking contest

6:00 This kid could have gotten so much ass

7:00 He was getting hezz’d instead of hazed

8:00 Self control

9:00 The tits were installs

10:00 Do as I say not as I do 

11:00 StileProject.com 

12:00 Like an AC/DC concert

13:00 Its impossible for me to close my eyes 

14:00 Kid’s hatred towards the rednecks 

15:00 Didn’t care about all the covid 

16:00 Empowerment time

17:00 Terrible sex things 

18:00 Just the tip – oops dropsy floppy asshole 

19:00 Final Words –  Kleen never says no

Go Deep.

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