Goin’ Deep Show 1759: Jerking to 2 Broke Girls

Kid and Kleen jerk to basic cable and even some network TV in this one. We talk Mullets, Boobie Traps, Gooch punches, beating off, and what celebs are hooking up and ruining their life. Go Deep. 


1:00 Its a booby trap 

2:00 Rockin’ the Mullet Kleen

3:00 The Fallen

4:00 Retard talk

5:00 Girls Boys, Tranny’s

6:00 Gooch push

7:00 Sound like retards to me

8:00 Mastah-Battin’

9:00 Great Tits

10:00 Two broken cup girls 

11:00 Wonderous Boo Bays  

12:00 Kleen reads articles 

13:00 Step Om  

14:00 Andrew WK 

15:00 Jerking off to two broke girls 

16:00 Good shit that sounds the same

17:00 Pam Anderson see thru shirt 

18:00 Kleen being technical 

19:00 Final Words –  I need help

Go Deep.

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