Goin’ Deep Show 1760: I’d throw it in her

Throwing mad props to our past with stories of huge titted ladies in college classes as we try to pretend we know what we’re talking about. Kid and Kleen Go Deep with love for Liz Hurley, SVSU curvey brown ladies, and our hatred of Mark Fucker-boog. We discuss recording sessions of banging and how to improve the Red Eye Sex Robot. Go Deep. 


1:00 Come to me my followers

2:00 Kleen and the Devil are friends

3:00 Liz Hurley love

4:00 Kid can’t concentrate on shit

5:00 Red Eye Sex Robot – AI robots

6:00 Contraption to bend her over

7:00 Who does this bitch look like?

8:00 Kid can’t concentrate – Loves it

9:00 Mad props to Shark attack

10:00 The SVSU college class about podcasting 

11:00 Huge black rack 

12:00 How many goddamn ads does a site need? 

13:00 Podcasting vs the old way 

14:00 Stop posting to MarkZuckerburg.com 

15:00 Talking about Titty motherfucker 

16:00 Recording some banging

17:00 They all knew 

18:00 The Blowie but can’t remember a name 

19:00 Final Words – Awww 

Go Deep.

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