Goin’ Deep Show 1761: Hitler was a redneck

Try to control ourself

Lets make fun of Dirty talk. Kid and Kleen Go Deep on the following subjects.  Hottie of the Week Irene Meyer, being overwhelmed by new tech, Redneck Hitler, Sex Techniques and sex all alone. Listen in Go Deep. 


1:00 So overwhelming in a good way

2:00 Irene Meyer – HOTW

3:00 Are you willing to sell your instagram

4:00 Trying to hammer into our account

5:00 Try not to jack to it. – No Jackin while on show

6:00 Your dreams have all come true

7:00 Cleavage galore – very sexual

8:00 Imagine the mind-blowing experience

9:00 Hitler was a redneck

10:00 Cooch loving the shit talk 

11:00 Some chick named Ashly wrote this 

12:00 First getting with Cooch 

13:00 Intensity – I’m ready 

14:00 Football player sex 

15:00 Emotional shit 

16:00 Is it considered sex alone?

17:00 Five seconds after I’m left alone 

18:00 Does he have a baby momma 

19:00 Final Words – Shutup Faggot 

Go Deep.

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