Goin’ Deep Show 1762: Ping pong ball shooter

Crazy bitches abound

Poke the bear to get a reaction episode. We realize Kleen has been drinking for 30 years, We’re sick of Covid, Talk about regular radio and how fuckign dumb it is, tell everyone plans for the future of the show and play a few clips of crazy bitches. Go Deep. 


1:00 Bay City/Essexville Steamer

2:00 Kleen drinking for 30 years 

3:00 What? I can’t think for myself?

4:00 Covid Bullshit

5:00 The Land of Make Believe

6:00 The regular radio business

7:00 Howard lame as fuck – Podcasts?

8:00 DJH Razzle Dazzle hypnotization

9:00 Ping pong ball shooter

10:00 Dance around the social networks 

11:00 Host at the porn sites 

12:00 Limbs flying off – obnoxious 

13:00 50 million a day 

14:00 Vagisil and Bull sperm 

15:00 Women are nuts – clip 

16:00 Instructions for women

17:00 Crazy eyes 

18:00 Crazy girl faces 

19:00 Final Words –  

Go Deep.

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