Goin’ Deep Show 1763: Never a black light in this room

Kid is pissed at dumb tubby bitches selling their crap on social networks, Kleen suggests the dumbest thing ever and we play a few clips of fat lipped chicks who want to be young and young chicks who don’t have a clue. We wrap with deathbed drinks and suggest you all have fun while you can because that shit is important. Go Deep. 


1:00 Zero – KID – Figure it out – Letters on the phone 

2:00 No more load blankets

3:00 Advertising shit

4:00 That look – block the cunt

5:00 Loving baseball

6:00 Fake transition shit

7:00 These words don’t offend me

8:00 Old woman and Angelina Jolie

9:00 Look at her fucking mouth

10:00 Kleen you’d stick it in that chick 

11:00 She’s gotta show off these titties 

12:00 JMac making fun of the Kid 

13:00 Fun! NOW! 

14:00 Prioritizing 

15:00 Kleen solves every problem 

16:00 You drink water 

17:00 Final Absolution 

18:00 Double shot of Jameson 

19:00 Final Words –  Chillin’ out

Go Deep.

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