Goin’ Deep Show 1764: Because I like Life

What would Marylin Manson change about his body, Two Turn Tony doing funny shit and Kleen’s scavenger hunting in this episode of Goin’ Deep. We tell Kleen to slow down and we give a hottie of The Week. Go Deep. 


1:00 Claims that he could do shit

2:00 Ping pong out the twat

3:00 Lets watch this fucker hit the turf

4:00 What is he gonna say game

5:00 If someone asks me that question

6:00 Changing the lyrics to my songs

7:00 Kid paints, draws, 

8:00 Complete bullshit

9:00 Tik Tok – Two Turn Tony

10:00 Watch a two turn Tony 

11:00 He’s got Duckies

12:00 Second clip time – Taste Test 

13:00 I love when mom freaks the fuck out 

14:00 He could do anything 

15:00 Kleen slow down – Bam scavenger hunt 

16:00 Are you fucking serious – hold up

17:00 Hottie of the Week – Olivia Culpo

18:00 Done with people knowing that I know shit 

19:00 Final Words –  Never going to pitch your product

Go Deep.

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