Goin’ Deep Show 1765: Why’s the seat back

Kid and Kleen can’t believe we’re still using the heater from time to time. We learn about our kids love for baseball for some reason, play a clip or two of guys getting somewhat in trouble with their lady pals and try to figure out why women are stronger. We go over a few red flags, talk shiny objects and kid gives mommy a present. Go Deep. 


1:00 Access to backstage fallen shit

2:00 Kids kid watching baseball

3:00 Rope a Dope – Grave Error

4:00 Ticks and Tocks – 

5:00 Probably time – kick cams screen 1

6:00 People flip the fuck out

7:00 Women are strong and independent

8:00 He’s not going to get an answer

9:00 Strong women love that shit

10:00 These are red flags

11:00 Listen to vocal fry 

12:00 Women’s curiosity 

13:00 Mommy’s present 

14:00 Shiny objects but not looking

15:00 Holding hands and affection 

16:00 Thinking about baseball

17:00 Always fucking with the neighbor 

18:00 I didn’t lay the seat back 

19:00 Final Words – Tell everybody goodbye 

Go Deep.

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