Goin’ Deep Show 1766: Stan from American Dad is born

Kid, Kleen and The Phenom find a real live cartoon character, tell everyone about red flags, pimple poppers, new Hulu shows and dumb reasons to get married Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 The Phenom is with us

2:00 You beat your daughter

3:00 Anxious to present

4:00 Red Flags

5:00 The Clip: Stan from American Dad

6:00 In a World – Here’s the deal

7:00 Stan from Family Guy 

8:00 The reveal

9:00 I wanna see this dude on Dr. Pimple Popper

10:00 Famous forever 

11:00 Diego Sanchez 

12:00 Nothing weird about it 

13:00 Pam and Tommy Hulu series 

14:00 So over the top 

15:00 Raised by us two smartasses 

16:00 Get the marbles out of your mouth

17:00 Every soda is a coke 

18:00 Married third time 

19:00 Final Words – Marriage crap 

Go Deep.

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