Goin’ Deep Show 1767: Nerd Battles and Taco Vagina

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1767

Kid, Kleen and The Phenom dive deep into nerd battles, grocery store Tik Tok’s, our parents vs us, play clips from taco, almost naked chicks, crystal meth drunken chicks and banging in cars because that car is a ride to fuck somewhere else. Go Deep. 


1:00 Throwing a shout to some fans 

2:00 Clips fron Tik Tok – Nerd battles

3:00 Grocery Store Tik Tok Dancing

4:00 At our age – What our parents did

5:00 Our Daughter will be this

6:00 She wants to lift her shit up

7:00 I want penis in both of those things

8:00 I’m a sexual tiger feeding on vagina

9:00 Taco is the greatest – Pallet Cleanser

10:00 If you please – Bend over 

11:00 Boyfriends great idea 

12:00 Just wear a low-cut shirt 

13:00 Teaching daughters to take advantage 

14:00 Fuck you on the roof of my car 

15:00 Hey you don’t say that – How dare you 

16:00 No way they’d find another spot to fuck

17:00 Banana is getting the most fucked up 

18:00 Crystal meth’d out – Drunkest 

19:00 Final Words – You fucking love me 

Go Deep.

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