Goin’ Deep Show 1770: Hitting the Pronoun Sac

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1770

Kid and Kleen give you a hottie of the week, tell you not to have sperm eyebrows, Instagram telling you can be whatever you want and show it on your profile, So much show content and being anxious to call people out on their bullshit. We call out some fatsos on a balcony that gets busted and Kid gets some focus Go Deep. 


1:00 A magazine instagram account

2:00 Mr. Kleen picks a hottie of the week

3:00 Hottie of the week Jennifer Auada

4:00 Raised on Brooke Shields

5:00 Hitting the Sac

6:00 You ever built a website

7:00 Mr. Kleen game – Pay attention

8:00 Important shit – This is super important shit

9:00 Clit Commander vs Boobie Jedi

10:00 So much goddamn show material

11:00 Instagram pronoun targets 

12:00 You can only select from their choices

13:00 I can’t be the asshole that I relate to 

14:00 Announcer voice pronoun list 

15:00 Zeeper-nifur-call 

16:00 Let me use the words I just thought of

17:00 Do you like living in this world 

18:00 How fucking stupid are you 

19:00 Final Words –  

Go Deep.

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