Goin’ Deep Show 1771: The Pussy dietary plan

Freezing your dick off at baseball games, Kleen filling nobody in on any details and Padres fights. Kleen loves Kat Denning and Kid is pissed at asses being used as billboards. Go Deep. 


1:00 What is your dietary plan – Face Shoveling

2:00 She did it. Can you believe it? 

3:00 I can’t believe She got married

4:00 Trying to hold back on being funny

5:00 Caitlyn Jenner freezing his dick off

6:00 What does the WK stand for

7:00 Emily Sears

8:00 I have an energy bar for sale

9:00 Using your ass as a billboard – My energy tits

10:00 Do you have any issues with my vitamin tits 

11:00 How the hell do you become a Padres fan 

12:00 When you get hit 

13:00 Not a single soul checks on the guy hit 

14:00 Paint it black cover song 

15:00 Fuck you audio bed – Song continues 

16:00 Go check out – Asian girl favorites

17:00 Remembering the fappening 

18:00 Finding the fappening archive 

19:00 Final Words –  Even an ugly chicks one good part

Go Deep.

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