Goin’ Deep Show 1781: What did she choke to death on?

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1781

Time for radio hosts to be escorted out of the building because they made fun of someone who can’t make up their mind. We recap a story of a huge dick killing a woman… literally. We play a clip of a little kid doing all sorts of wrong things, and we love ti when Karen’s get tased. Fat cop runs her down and unloads. Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 ABCD and then forgetting what to talk about

2:00 Why wouldn’t she want that – Out of Town

3:00 The old way vs new way. – Too structured

4:00 Me talking about Stern movie – wrap-up

5:00 Radio host storms off – no making fun of Demi

6:00 Sounded like a chive story

7:00 Dick would have to be large enough

8:00 Dick down a chicks throat

9:00 What’s on her tombstone

10:00 Mr. Shark attacks favorite site  

11:00 Watching less porn 

12:00 Only one way to make it more obnoxious 

13:00 That kid is getting raised right 

14:00 Fuck this fuck that fuck fuck fuck  

15:00 Warn you – public warning on YouTube video 

16:00 Karen whips her ass out right in front of cop

17:00 Shocked by naked ass? Really? 

18:00 Uh oh. We may be in trouble on that one 

19:00 Final Words – MLB freak outs 

Go Deep.

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