Goin’ Deep Show 1782: Horny girls throwing all out there

Kid and Kleen throw down more bullshit Goin’ Deep Show style with talk of pissed off professionals, women doing all the wrong things, a horned up Miss Piggy and a girl just putting it out there for anyone to have. We wrap with Ghetto food and a little girl helping mom beat up a woman over a pizza. Go Deep. 


1:00 I have a category called brutal death

2:00 Teacher woman and she is hit

3:00 Never would have guessed Florida

4:00 Good is not so good

5:00 Went back for more action – Help me

6:00 Lets see Miss Piggy

7:00 Davey Martinez pissed off

8:00 Baseball people want more baseball

9:00 Bobby Knight

10:00 Kick bases around the field 

11:00 Just do what everyone else does – a podcast 

12:00 He wants some more whores 

13:00 You just don’t know – She’s horny

14:00 Kleen wants to DM for the joke 

15:00 I fuck whores all the time 

16:00 In the Ghetto

17:00 What’s your take on traveling young vs old 

18:00 Black lady vs White lady over pizza 

19:00 Final Words –  Little girl beat up

Go Deep.

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