Goin’ Deep Show 1788: Kleen in the big boy seat

Goin' Deep Show episode 1788

It’s and odd one with Mr. Kleen manning the controls in Studio 163. The GDS with Mr. Kleen at the controls kicks into how non-relaxing it is to sit with so many buttons and screens then ventures down the path of Facebook creeping long lost loves, sex video positions, friends with benefits and Kleen not introducing fuck buddies to each other.  Its action packed and Kleen’s in control. Go Deep. 


1:00 Kleen at the controls – turn up the tunes

2:00 Kleen out of his element

3:00 Steve Jobs announcing podcast 

4:00 Relaxing isn’t it. No responsibility

5:00 Acting like an asshole

6:00 The top half of her body became a woman

7:00 Horny as fuck from the get go

8:00 Kleen was in love with this chick

9:00 Sounds like a goddamn 80s movie

10:00 Kleen was Facebook creep searching 

11:00 The Oompa Loompa that became a druggy 

12:00 Was it about positions?  

13:00 Cooch and the nutsack slap 

14:00 See alot of dong and wammo 

15:00 Nannycam 

16:00 All of my blubber

17:00 Headlines 

18:00 Kleen’s Friends with benefits  

19:00 Final Words –  

Go Deep.

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