Goin’ Deep Show 1789: Matching up with your partner

Kid and Kleen tell all you assholes to stop hunching, Kid likes fresh beer but pays the consequences, Kleen poops a potato and we discuss when your sex partner doesn’t match up with your level of wanting it. . Go Deep. 


1:00 Reach us and hold my shit up

2:00 Doing a study of hunching

3:00 King of Queens Lia

4:00 Double standard thing

5:00 The 5 minute warning

6:00 Kleen and the date/stats

7:00 Woke up with the worst shit ever

8:00 Give me the freshest beer

9:00 BK Broiler

10:00 The Bake potato poop 

11:00 Coping with different libido 

12:00 Nympho status 

13:00 It was a hilarious joke I can’t remember 

14:00 No numbers / partner numbers 

15:00 Its been real its been fun and excuse them 

16:00 The single mentality

17:00 She doesn’t do anything crazy 

18:00 Your advanced age 

19:00 Final Words –  Hangover drunk shows

Go Deep.

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