Goin’ Deep Show 1790: Billie Eilish titties floppin’ right out

Its clip time motherfucker.  Kid and Kleen discuss shows they’re watching, Show off Billie Eilish’s jugs flopping around and play a clip of a new superhero group of SJW’s. We play a fake ad or two, tell you to go watch a new Pretty Wreckless video featuring some members of Soundgarden and the boys wrap with a review of Austin TX and a hottie of the week. Lots to digest in this one. Listen in. Go Deep. 


1:00 Watching Lucifer

2:00 Pause that I need the clip

3:00 Something special – Hidden on screen

4:00 Billie Eilish tittle clip

5:00 I knew you would enjoy that

6:00 Social Justice Warriors

7:00 Victimizers beware – Social Justice Warriors

8:00 Great little clip – Social Justice Warriors

9:00 Stupid fake ad – Dicken’s Cider

10:00 Banned from the Gucci store 

11:00 Pretty Wreckless and Soundgarden 

12:00 Wet Taylor 

13:00 Tim Dillon – Austin comments 

14:00 No one will remember that person 

15:00 This is when he was good 

16:00 Texas – Teacher bonus

17:00 Super hot girl next-door 

18:00 Is she stupid 

19:00 Final Words – Great face great bod – no titties 

Go Deep.

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