Goin’ Deep Show 1791: Kleen’s magic eraser dick

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1791

Kid and Kleen continue drunken hangover chatter where we discuss QR codes, new vietnam virus shit, breaking bones, Kleen finding the love of his lifetime, Kid hungover is better than local podcasters sober and we wrap with how many movies Brandi Love has made and we preview the midget show coming up. Go Deep. 


1:00 It’s weird that we even say that – Mr. Morley

2:00 tired yawning 

3:00 Fucking dogs throwing me off my game

4:00 QR codes? WTF?

5:00 New Vietnam variant – Stop this shit

6:00 Kleen getting a song

7:00 Can you get shittier beers

8:00 Breaking bones? 

9:00 Kleen knows his dick is clean

10:00 Mr. Kleen song  

11:00 Met a chick here in MI – Big C 

12:00 Ya Fucks – I’m hungover 

13:00 Yesterday I got a call 

14:00 I wish it was every night 

15:00 Me hungover not saying anything is better than local shit 

16:00 Big threesome guy

17:00 Vivica A. Fox – friends with Brandi Love 

18:00 Is this really funny? It better be funny 

19:00 Final Words – Make sure my game is on – Midge coming 

Go Deep.

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