Goin’ Deep Show 1792: Puke, poop and Jesus wants a pizza

Goin' Deep Show Episode 1792

Tigers puking, tv shows shitting themselves and Jesus breaks into a pizza joint because he’s so goddamn hungry. We play a pretty badass mashup and we ask if Kleen’s butthole is itchy…. again. Go Deep. 


1:00 Dr. Nuse F Show over pretty late

2:00 Is your butthole itchy again? 

3:00 Kleen’s kid driving his drunk ass around

4:00 Tiger pitcher puking on the mound

5:00 Kleen still owes Kid a 5th of SoCo

6:00 Story 1: Ultimate slip and slide show

7:00 Forty people shitting themselves

8:00 The caterer was not good

9:00 Legally bet on everything

10:00 Phone call 911 

11:00 Jesus do you have weapons 

12:00 Cop pulls you over and you’re in deep crap 

13:00 She gave you the choice Kleen 

14:00 This one totally tastes like it 

15:00 Today’s mashup

16:00 Speeding up the vocals

17:00 Beastie boys – The Kid’s Kid and lyrics 

18:00 Who takes the time for the video

19:00 Final Words – Episode 1,800 coming 

Go Deep.

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