Goin’ Deep Show 1794: Balls stuck to your leg

Time to unlatch your sweaty balls from your leg.  Kid and Kleen bring up topics that range from telling Facebook to go fuck itself, Suction cupped testicles, banana flavored underpants, killings with bats, teacher of the year suicides and watching off with the corn cob butter applicator. Go Deep. 


1:00 Full of Kid rants

2:00 You ever pull your balls off your leg

3:00 Laying in bed with shit dangling

4:00 Can I suction cup my pussy to your head

5:00 I think I farted and jiggled her leg

6:00 Banana flavored underpants

7:00 Commercial for FaceFuckBook

8:00 Facebook – hot or not 

9:00 How much do you need?

10:00 Making cash off of the songs 

11:00 Sub shop owner kills with bat 

12:00 You got a dick in your mouth Kleen 

13:00 From all the mob movies 

14:00 Shotgun killing herself 

15:00 High School Teacher of the year 

16:00 Story of Paulina P.

17:00 She looks great for her age 

18:00 Use the corncob hand 

19:00 Final Words –  Charlie and the Corncob factory

Go Deep.

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