Goin’ Deep Show 1795: Fake Batman sex

Batman isn’t allowed to eat pussy? What the motherfuck? We go over a list of positions for oral, sweaty masks, cartoon characters swearing, stunning idiots and mainstream parody accounts. Go Deep. 


1:00 Topless – bottomless Welcome

2:00 Sounds like a pornstar to me

3:00 That swan show – Modern nutritionalist

4:00 Oral cartoon sex

5:00 Animation of bat man with pants down

6:00 According to Kleen’s female friends

7:00 Peeling off that stupid mask

8:00 Munching on the cat box

9:00 Another hot old lady

10:00 Show her face, rolling her eyes 

11:00 Mr. Kleen’s numbers by Kid 

12:00 Fred Flinstone is fucking pissed 

13:00 Selfishly from the female perspective 

14:00 I don’t get that one – Face sitting 

15:00 Top oral positions to go on 

16:00 Grill Cheese Sandwich bj

17:00 Go down on the girl – Find batman costume 

18:00 Stunning? Heidi Klum 

19:00 Final Words – Batman porno – go to Pornhub.com 

Go Deep.

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