Goin’ Deep Show 1796: The Queef loop episode

Kid and Kleen play Queef vs Fart then make fun of microagressions for the remainder of the show. Go Deep. 


1:00 Creamy goodness – laser disk

2:00 Start flinging some poo at me

3:00 Stuff you in a fuckin’ locker – 55 gallon drum

4:00 Kleen do you wanna play a game

5:00 So many buttons – Queef or fart

6:00 Queef Loop episode 

7:00 Passive aggressive statement

8:00 Offensive stuff gets said in life

9:00 Micro agressions

10:00 Technically who is pissing us off the most 

11:00 Your stupid fucking shit – Well meaning but rude 

12:00 Are you kidding me? Fucking retarded 

13:00 Get all of them in a room. Lets freak em out 

14:00 It keeps on coming – having to change 

15:00 LGBTQ as a choice 

16:00 Who was the originator of this shit

17:00 Asking a lesbo how they rub their clits together 

18:00 Micro agression 

19:00 Final Words – What an interesting list of stupid bullshit 

Go Deep.

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