Goin’ Deep Show 1800: A double jerk off situation

Big C and Kriss LaRock are back for episode 1,800 where they recap some of the antics from New Orleans including hanging with celebrities, the difference between Las Vegas and The French quarter. We wrap up with toothless Greg info and ask if Big C’s kids could beat him up. Go Deep. 


1:00 The butthole right in the nose

2:00 Girl getting banged live on the show

3:00 Big C with the fancy nails

4:00 Heavy equipment operators license

5:00 Bourbon Street vs Vegas

6:00 Wake up everyday and say I saw it all

7:00 Embarrassed – Missing tooth equals grill

8:00 Their husband isn’t gonna know he’s back in MN

9:00 Hanging out with Celebrities

10:00 I did this for 8 years.  I just didn’t go home  

11:00 The list of 78 

12:00 The only place to hire Big C – Full sized children

13:00 Little C’s kids 

14:00 Can the girl beat your ass 

15:00 Biggest dude I know right now 

16:00 Door guy for a strip club

17:00 Working at strip clubs 

18:00 Hiring entertainers instead of bartenders 

19:00 Final Words –  Thanks for having us.

Go Deep.

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