Goin’ Deep Show 1799: Find me a Goddamn midget

We have a hatred towards condoms in this episode, we ask Big C about getting crop dusted, sexual harassment being fun and we find many things to rail against. We wrap with drunken sex and body bags. Go Deep. 


1:00 LaRock on Facebook – There are 20 of me

2:00 Loving group pictures

3:00 Solicited by alot of people – how’d you meet

4:00 Big C and the crop dusting

5:00 go outside for 2 fucking seconds

6:00 I want some weird shit – putting on a sex show

7:00 We’ve seen the progression of everything

8:00 The sweetness of intercourse

9:00 How is this possible

10:00 Community policy – getting kicked off of Facebook 

11:00 Whip cream titties 

12:00 You don’t look 41 

13:00 Its like a unicorn in there 

14:00 Some women are alright 

15:00 Sex for the first time that isn’t drunk 

16:00 I’m not having it – take the fun out of thing

17:00 Reasons for getting kicked off facebook 

18:00 Body Bag photo 

19:00 Final Words – Guests shine 

Go Deep.

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