Goin’Deep Show 1798: Flavored Chapstick around your butthole

Kid and Kleen welcome Big C and Kriss LaRock to the Show where we discuss eating ass, Tongue fucking, newly invented sex maneuvers, and Big C gives us the details on being too big to be a midget, robbing the cradle and we all learn how to make your bung hole taste super good. Go Deep. 


1:00 Big C and Kriss LaRock in Studio

2:00 Seven Deadly sins – Lust

3:00 Hyper sensitive vs Evil

4:00 You can’t even go down one side of the road

5:00 People can’t take a joke

6:00 Big C gets some pussy

7:00 Curious – why do you have to make me come up short

8:00 She shit in the sink

9:00 Just throw the fire hose over the shoulder

10:00 When you’re different, you stand out 

11:00 Robbing the cradle 

12:00 Too tall to be a Midge 

13:00 Midget wrestling 

14:00 She was really fucking hot 

15:00 She’s still not fat 

16:00 They will fuck the shit out of you

17:00  Shaving your ass – The rooster

18:00 Eating Endo ass 

19:00 Final Words –  

Go Deep.

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