Goin’ Deep Show 1821: I want to go to hell for the music

Kid and Kleen dive deep into how much the Kid hates country hillbilly shit. Plays some toothless hillbilly shit, gives a scenario where he would have to still flee even if there was a pile of hot chicks. Clips in this one includes some redneck dumbasses, fireworks mishaps and a woman boiling her husband to death.  It’s a fun one. Go Deep. 


1:00 Anxious to get to the 2,000’s

2:00 How much bullshit control

3:00 Preacher talking about control

4:00 Preachers doing the right thing

5:00 Dan Pena calling people cunts

6:00 We need to edit and not have mocking

7:00 Dan Pena and the Kid talking about cunt music

8:00 No cowboy boots, No horse shit – Hot chicks 

9:00 You’re obviously making great decisions 

10:00 The woman trying to help the hillbilly 

11:00 Hillbilly ready to die – The Hillbilly channel

12:00 Some jackass hillrod takes fireworks to his back 

13:00 This reminds me of something Kleen would do 

14:00 Shards of shit everywhere 

15:00 Time for peaceful sin 

16:00 Hot old lady segment 

17:00 Huge tig old biddies 

18:00 People are tuned into literally 

19:00 Final Words – OLD SCHOOL CLIP – Red Eye choking 

Go Deep.

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