Goin’Deep Show 1561: What is wrong with the alphabet people?

A little more layed back edition of The Goin’ Deep Show with Kid and Gdub on the phones discussing how the Pope needs to lose his mind, street smart kids, the Oscars trying to make creators jump through a bunch of hoops and how the alphabet people are giving Joe Rogan some shit about the words he freely chooses to use. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Kid setting up

2:00 Kids frustration with creativity

3:00 The energy to think creatively then putting it out

4:00 My computer sounding like an airplane – lets upgrade

5:00 Gdub jumps on – no speaker – Whats on tap

6:00 GDub not drinking as much 

7:00 The Kid is tapped – no more of me 

8:00 Gdub the video editor 

9:00 Nominated for an Oscar hoops to jump through

10:00 We don’t have enough of the alphabet people 

11:00 Idiot president on a podcast debate – Joe Rogan 

12:00 Joe Rogan criticized by the alphabet people 

13:00 All these dipshits giving Rogan problems 

14:00 GDub listens to the Gilbert Gottfried

15:00 Cancel culture and the Gottfried podcast 

16:00 The Kid’s kid being an SJW 

17:00 Is that a fatty over there? You’re mean 

18:00 Free speech – pissed means pissed 

19:00 Street smart kid vs Book smart kid 

20:00 Worrying about Covid and getting back to normal 

21:00 What if the pope lost his mind – Triumph the insult comic dog

22:00 How do I get showtime 

23:00 I may change my mind – convince me 

24:00 Trump and the Russian campaign flyer 

25:00 Kid worrying about dancing through others sensitivities 

26:00 Lunch monitor outside – GDub and the school outbreaks 

27:00 Site of the night – Godlessmother.com 

28:00 Satanic Temple – Flipboard links 

29:00 Final Words – Peace


Go Deep.

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