Goin’ Deep Show 1562: An arsenal of Sex Toys

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Kleen twist out a few stories including the facts that Kids ruin everything, we warn Kleen that Endo could walk around all naked in the studio and somehow we venture into birthcontrol chat, an arsenal of sex toys, the Goin’ Deep Show manifesto and how women don’t age quite as gracefully as men do. Kleen tells us about an old lady he’d like to bang, how much we can’t stand ugly people, a threesome with a former MLB star and we toss out a fat lipped tatted up Paralyzer’s hottie of the week.  Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Torrets Soundboards Mr. Kleen 

2:00 Stop ruining things children

3:00 Stop saying “This”

4:00 Walk out here butt naked 

5:00 Going to Sagnasty for VS 

6:00 An arsenal of sex toys 

7:00 No condoms and birth control – Chant 

8:00 Manties – catch some nakedness 

9:00 I point at her and fire away 

10:00 Sum it up while I read – Church of A.I. 

11:00 The GDS Manifesto 

12:00 An old lady I’d like to bang 

13:00 Put your phone down – Kid talking 

14:00 Women don’t age gracefully 

15:00 Gray hair on men 

16:00 Guys fight growing up 

17:00 Intollerant of ugl ypeople 

18:00 My hair super long 

19:00 Stupid younger people are dumb 

20:00 Jim Edmonds threesome 

21:00 Good outfielders vs slow outfielder 

22:00 Fifteen year difference – Joke threesome 

23:00 Mindfucking before a planned threesome 

24:00 No control of your load blow 

25:00 I’m gonna shoot your face – PHOTW 

26:00 No flat ass on this PHOTW – Angelina Valentine 

27:00 This chick is an animal with fucked up lips – tatted face 

28:00 Mr. Kleen’s swanky cock gobbling whore of the week with big tits 

29:00 Final Words – In your Vag

Go Deep.

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