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Goin’ Deep Show 1571: $70k for fucked up hair


IN STUDIO:  Kid tells Slut Chomper to go to hell and learn how to use buttons. We discuss Andrea Savage and her show on Netflix, discuss how dumb a $70,000 haircut can look and Kleen tries to flee the political discussion. We present a concept car they actually made and wrap up with Trump and Covid chat. Listen in and Go Deep. 


1:00 Panty liners instead of coffee filter 

2:00 Christmas is a month and a half away 

3:00 UPS guys come get a glimpse

4:00 What does your bitch wear to bed 

5:00 I’m Sorry – Andrea Savage 

6:00 As long as they’re happy 

7:00 Don’t put your dick by China 

8:00 $25 bucks to paint your beard 

9:00 $70,000 for fucked up hair 

10:00 Its always looked retarded 

11:00 Speaker of the ice cream 

12:00 Genius move 

13:00 Trump Taxes 

14:00 Give the crooks a second term 

15:00 They all suck balls 

16:00 What brainwash system do you watch 

17:00 Retarded hair 

18:00 Slutchomp is retarded

19:00 Learn how to turn shit off 

20:00 Chomping on Sluts 

21:00 I need a producer 

22:00 Mercedes concept car 

23:00 A drink or a car 

24:00 Woman crunched by tractor 

25:00 Tied up in the wheels 

26:00 Who the fuck is Slut Chomper 

27:00 Hottie of the week 

28:00 Wrap-up – Joke 

29:00 Final Words – Can we call Slut Chomper


Go Deep.

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