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Goin’ Deep Show 1572: I coughed and shit my pants


IN STUDIO:  Kid, Kleen, Zaldor and Endo. We continue out month long celebration of our 16th year with a special in studio guest.  Zaldor joins the crew for the next eight, yes count them eight episodes of the show. In this one we discuss merch, the background of TapDetroit.com, Slut Chomper madness and we wrap it all up with tons of shit stories.  Its action packed if you’re into shitting your pants. Go Deep.

Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Meeting Zaldor 

2:00 She likes to blow in a small-town 

3:00 On the hunt for slut chomper

4:00 Stop looking at this like work  

5:00 Tap Detroit Details 

6:00 Lets just move the radio station 

7:00 GDS visits Tap Detroit 

8:00 GLOW 

9:00 Repetiion of doing a show 

10:00 Merch 

11:00 How can Endo help 

12:00 Finding the connection – Kleen on the radio 

13:00 Dr. Pinky Pie on the radio 

14:00 Slut Chomper and politics 

15:00 What did you hear me saying? 

16:00 Kleen is feast or famine 

17:00 Endos fucked up dreams 

18:00 I just had to wipe my crack out 

19:00 Kleen describes the pants shit 

20:00 The turd suck 

21:00 The drive back from NY 

22:00 I’m gonna shit my pants 

23:00 The green shorts 

24:00 Finally got to Bob Evans 

25:00 The overflow story 

26:00 George Brett Shitting his pants 

27:00 How old is GB 

28:00 Kid shits in a field 

29:00 Final Words – Gay Shorts

Go Deep.

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