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Goin’ Deep Show 1573: Drugs will fuck your sister up


IN STUDIO:  Kid, Kleen, Zaldor and Endo. Its a board overload in this one. Kid is scared of Endo’s sister, We salute that faggot Red Eye and try to get Mr. Kleen’s uncle to come put a bag over someones head. We fail at a call then dive ass first into length of sex sessions, play a ton of boards and wrap it up with a call from the Lesbo from Portland.  Its a nutty one and just the start of more mayhem than one night could handle.  Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Greetings – How many shows 

2:00 Hot Granny Sex beer – What’s on tap

3:00 Roak Brewing 

4:00 Endo’s family – Your sis 

5:00 Real deal shit – 10 years of drug use 

6:00 Black bags over her head 

7:00 Jimmy Hoffa 

8:00 Mr. Kleen and the Mob 

9:00 What name did the Phenom give Kleen’s uncle 

10:00 Endo and the legs broken 

11:00 Endo’s mom cookie’ food 

12:00 Laughing about serious topics 

13:00 Go get me a sammich 

14:00 Serious vs Non Serious 

15:00 Mr. Kleen’s girls vagina 

16:00 Calling Cooch – failed

17:00 What the hell was that 

18:00 Four 15 minute sections vs one 45 

19:00 Sex over and over sore 

20:00 No preference 

21:00 Your face and eyebrowse 

22:00 Depends if I have white underwear on 

23:00 Birthday shout out to Red Eye 

24:00 That was Red Eye – weak sex

25:00 Red Eye gives blowjobs – Crazy boards

26:00 Calling Cooch  

27:00 LESBO: Stop pretending you went for 45 minutes 

28:00 Mr. Kleen the Ho Ho Whore 

29:00 Final Words – Get Shit Done

Go Deep.

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