Goin’ Deep Show 1574: Lets not ignore the Cooch

IN STUDIO:  Kid, Kleen, Zaldor and Endo. PHONE: Cooch JizzDecider.com is the sponsor for tonights episode of the Goin’ Deep Show. We go crazy gobbling up domain names and chatting with Cooch on the phones. We ask about Kleen’s love making sessions, loads and where to put them along with a preview of fight night as Zaldor gets threatened by Slutchomper. 

Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Intros – Soundboards 

2:00 Cooch on the phones 

3:00 Kleen gets beat up – fighting

4:00 Help me with conditioner 

5:00 Is Kleen treating Cooch good? 

6:00 I’ve seen these eyes do crazy things 

7:00 Dogs enter the studio – The Kleen persona 

8:00 Cooch and Kleen show – Couples 

9:00 Telling all our friends about the show 

10:00 I’m gonna fart in this microphone Kleen 

11:00 Help the Kid out 

12:00 Thanks to Zaldor 

13:00 Lets not ignore the Cooch 

14:00 Kleen don’t fuck it up with Cooch 

15:00 Does Kleen know what porn star head is? 

16:00 Cum on the tits and lick it off 

17:00 Dot Com – Coach Jizz 

18:00 I am satan.com 

19:00 We’re on GoDaddy.com getting JizzDecider.com

20:00 One year or five years – sprinkler jizz 

21:00 Cooch coming in after Kleen leaves 

22:00 Are you Slutchomper.com 

23:00 Kid’s Cousin 

24:00 Kleen lets wrap up with Cooch – 45 min. love 

25:00 Wax sex and the red light 

26:00 Find Madonna’s sex movie 

27:00 Pouring beer on a blistered hand 

28:00 Slutchomper is coming for Zaldor 

29:00 Final Words – Come back to me

Go Deep.

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