Goin’ Deep Show 1580: Vibrating fun at the local grocery store

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Kleen discuss hidden camera’s in your ass, a recap of the Zaldor shows, Selfies, Facebook, waking up to blowjobs, cock rings, the Pres all Covid-19’d and some dude who wants to put it in his chicks pooper.  Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Zaldor encouraging us do the store 

2:00 The Hidden camera in the ass 

3:00 Kleen loves hip hop – Worldstarhiphop.com

4:00 Bitch hides a phone in her ass 

5:00 Kleen on the boards – Finger in my butt 

6:00 Kleen’s site vs Kid’s site 

7:00 Slutchomper.com – Urban Dictionary 

8:00 Kleen meeting Zaldor – Selfies 

9:00 Ten shows in one day – Stupid 

10:00 Kleen taking Selfies 

11:00 Idiots fall taking drunken selfies 

12:00 Recap of the weekend – 2 girls 1 cup 

13:00 Enjoy your puke breakfast  

14:00 Lets break up Face-Fuck-book  

15:00 Deactivating Fuckbook 

16:00 Blow the roommate 

17:00 Drunken rape blowjobs from the bar 

18:00 What if the boyfriend was into it 

19:00 Deodorant leads to cock ring 

20:00 Are you gonna cum?  

21:00 Send a shout out to Zaldor 

22:00 Kleen burps vs the boards 

23:00 2 Million dead 

24:00 Back in the Nam 

25:00 I wanna put it in your arse 

26:00 You’re so loose 

27:00 PHOTW – Holly Peers 

28:00 Old Clips – Original Halloween show  

29:00 Final Words – xxxxxxxx

Go Deep.

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