Goin’ Deep Show 1585: The future is female

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Kleen in studio yapping about a bunch of crap about how the poor of the world should eat the rich and take over. Kid gives everyone an assignment to go watch “A Bug’s Life” and he kicks into Karen mode for a brief moment. What else is knew. We realize that Mr. Kleen could be a grandfather and we also realize that women apparently are the future of something. What that is we have yet to figure out. We wrap with the 12 pack mile that most likely will never happen and Mr. Kleen’s new Youtube channel. Hottie of the Week this week is Mia Melano. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 



1:00 Reach us at Studio@goindeepshow.com 

2:00 Don’t be all upset – Raindrops of sadness 

3:00 Fifty vs 165 million – Eat the Rich

4:00 Why don’t the majority just go after em? 

5:00 Its good not to be greedy – Kleen the dog 

6:00 Go watch A bugs life and get inspired 

7:00 Demi Moore podcast?  

8:00 We enjoy Joe – don’t turn into a little bitch 

9:00 Flip out and stab – The Kid being a Karen 

10:00 Endo sounds like Demi Moore 

11:00 Grabassin’ Kleen 

12:00 Ripped granny – Kleen as a grandpa

13:00 Lesbian Karen haircut – old hair

14:00 The Future is Female?   

15:00 Lame as fuck – Announce everything to us 

16:00 What if it was flipped around – equality 

17:00 The future has nads – females are nuts

18:00 Can we get there already 

19:00 Lets watch some Andrew Dice Clay 

20:00 Mia Melano 

21:00 Endo – Head of sexual research 

22:00 Red Eye porn clip – Sucky Fucky 

23:00 Kleen’s fat ass eating shit 

24:00 Twelve pack mile 

25:00 Kleen and his new Youtube Channel 

26:00 Things Kleen enjoys – Creative jerk off angles 

27:00 Erotic sounds on youtube  

28:00 Kleen and Slut Chomper the tranny 

29:00 Final Words – We’ve gone way too far.

Go Deep.

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