Goin’ Deep Show 1584: China loves to kill animals

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Mr. Kleen in studio yelling about China. This one has animal death, child death, black beards, someone who loves the Ca Ca and we discuss what could be the worst wedding cake topper of all time.  I mean if you’re into shackling yourself to other human beings and having your hobbies stripped from your life. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 There is no late when you come here

2:00 Kid and his beard 

3:00 Endo is a big face picker

4:00 Hands down the front of the pants 

5:00 Black hair white face 

6:00 The Podcast book 

7:00 Kleen’s jerk off sessions 

8:00 I figured out what this is 

9:00 The Shifter – The News 

10:00 We love pets – Fuck China 

11:00 5,000 dead pets  

12:00 The Details on the pets 

13:00 Fuck this shipping company 

14:00 Kleen says feed em to the Chinese 

15:00 Chong kills twin daughters 

16:00 Details of the announcement 

17:00 The Twins names 

18:00 China making everything – Amazon

19:00 I love to make Ca Ca – No Cock 

20:00 Lice killing daughter 

21:00 The details of the death – 10 days no bath 

22:00 How do you even breathe down there 

23:00 Kleen dry shaves his balls 

24:00 Getting fucked with his own dick  

25:00 The Cake topper story 

26:00 The TV and football topper 

27:00 Lets pick out the cake topper 

28:00 Dragging your new hubby away 

29:00 Final Words – Stay tuned

Go Deep.

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