Goin’ Deep Show 1583: Would you motorboat Gretchen Whitmer?

IN STUDIO:  Kid, Mr. Kleen, Endo, Hammer get in studio to discuss seeing celebs, Endo holding up the show because she’s grunting in the bathroom then questioning why 2019 was fun. The Kid’s kid hits that lady wall. We talk about untrusting significant others, pocket pussies and old folks homes full of std’s. Kid wraps with who he stole the icon from and we suggest the random porno mag sex game.  Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Hammer Time 

2:00 When she’s ugly you double bag her 

3:00 Seeing a celebrity in person

4:00 Hammer pulls a move 

5:00 Cooch would get Kleen a plate 

6:00 Meeting Hammer for the first time 

7:00 Cherries well seasoned in alcohol 

8:00 Stern listening to prank calls – Will the farter 

9:00 Endo holding up the bathroom grunting 

10:00 How Endo and Hammer know each other 

11:00 Endo grew out of being a party girl 

12:00 Why was last year fun again?  

13:00 Kid chubby chasing?  

14:00 You’re gonna do a fatty soon Endo 

15:00 My Little Lady and Aunt Flow 

16:00 The Kid’s kid being more adult than he is 

17:00 Daddy Daughter relationship 

18:00 Mr. Kleen and his little lady 

19:00 Chastity cage for your pee pee 

20:00 Do you need a cage on your junk? 

21:00 Vibrating panties at the bar 

22:00 Kleen and his lady getting sexy stuff 

23:00 Pocket Pussies – Sex Toy graveyard

24:00 Old folks still want to get off 

25:00 Endo falling asleep – Playboy coming back 

26:00 Stealing from Playboy 

27:00 Get the porn tote outta here 

28:00 Trashbag full of porno 

29:00 Final Words – Random porn mag position game


Go Deep.

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