Goin’ Deep Show 1587: Kid’s bop can go to hell

IN STUDIO: Kid and Kleen kick out the show with topics of Kid’s Bop doing obnoxious Cardi B songs, Some asshole shitting in a box, and some dude dressing in skirts.  Kleen addresses doing a chick Eiffel Tower style and we do a hottie of the week. 

Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Gotta be a hoop monkey  

2:00 Bizarre News Stories 

3:00 Waffles and pancakes

4:00 Church goin’ dumbass 

5:00 You’re making this shit up  

6:00 Aerosmiths come to gather 

7:00 Kids don’t know any better 

8:00 Goddamn Eye Doctor 

9:00 Poop Stories 

10:00 Details on the Poop 

11:00 Hit the board Kleen 

12:00 Check out this bitches face 

13:00 Looking to the sky

14:00 Kid has something cool for ya

15:00 Anistasia Pokreshchuk

16:00 Doin’  a chick together 

17:00 Celebrity guest 

18:00 I would never call you retarded 

19:00 Agree to cookies and popups 

20:00 Dude in a skirt 

21:00 Red Eye dressing as a girl 

22:00 Straight dude dresses in skirt 

23:00 That bitch has thankless 

24:00 He’s old 

25:00 Celebrities can’t hide 

26:00 No No No  

27:00 Shouts to Zaldor

28:00 Butthole on fire

29:00 Final Words – Lets call and ask

Go Deep.