Goin’ Deep Show 1588: A Horse bang to death

IN STUDIO:  Kid and Kleen throw some headlines at you including how to kill your child with a trampoline, how a horse banging you might lead to your death, The Kid is pissed at baseball, talks about rituals and we remember Ava Devine saying all sorts of dirty shit. We put out a Mr. Kleen’s skanky cock gobbling whore of the night and Endo gets a call. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00  Starting the day with a beer and coffee

2:00 Fuck MLB and their TV schedule 

3:00 Last nights outfit

4:00 No sleep 

5:00 Snoring 

6:00 Porking your ass in the middle of the night 

7:00 Going to get Coffee 

8:00 Horse fucked that dude to death 

9:00 Nuke that shit coffee to happiness 

10:00 Old Pervs – End call 

11:00 Calling out the wrong name in the sac 

12:00 Death via orgy 

13:00 Ava Devine – The Dom 

14:00 Heart Attack orgy 

15:00 Hope they were hot – 2 girls 

16:00 3 or 4 in one day 

17:00 After High School relationships 

18:00 Death and destruction 

19:00 Dog out the cage 

20:00 Girl dies on trampoline 

21:00 Capital Murder 

22:00 Greasy woman 

23:00 Kleen crobarring sounds 

24:00 We need the extremes 

25:00 Your rituals 

26:00 Mr. Kleen’s cock gobbling nicola shea 

27:00 Underboob 

28:00 Wrap-up – Fuck off  

29:00 Final Words – xxxxxxxx

Go Deep.

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