Goin’ Deep Show 1589: Mike Tyson Death Pool

IN STUDIO:  Jay Bird, Thundercat join the kid where we hit the celebrity stalking pretty hard.  Kid discusses his boyhood idol, Jose Canseco and we play some clips of Naked Celebs, Mike Tyson barely being able to talk and someone is now just getting the internet.  I’m sure they’ll discover porn very soon. Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 You’re not a loser 

2:00 Talking Celeb Stuff 

3:00 Tik Tok videos

4:00 I have Myspace why do I need Facebook 

5:00 Thundercat Just getting Internet 

6:00 The hoops to jump through 

7:00 Buttcrack tangent 

8:00 Jose Canseco and Steroids 

9:00 My idol has carwashes 

10:00 Jose Canseco Carwash 

11:00 Meeting Jose Canseco 

12:00 1987 Oakland A’s in Minnesota 

13:00 The photos of the Carwash 

14:00 Thundercat wanting Jose’s mullet 

15:00 Internet famous – Cards 

16:00 Bumping into Celebs – Autographs 

17:00 Comic Cons and celebs during covid 

18:00 Mike Tyson 

19:00 Tyson all fucked up during interview 

20:00 He sounds fucked up 

21:00 How many Death Pools his Tyson in 

22:00 Sarah Silverman – Naked Celebs 

23:00 Chris Rock – Naked Celebs 

24:00 Silverman Naked Celebs 

25:00 Voting – So long ago 

26:00 The Celebrity cutoff date 

27:00 Music and teaching others 

28:00 Comfort zone – too fast 

29:00 Final Words – Chicks who love dick

Go Deep.

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