Goin’ Deep Show 1590: Sniffing my fingers

Time for some Finger Sniffing Goodness


Finger sniffing good in this episode of Goin' Deep
It’s episode 1590 of The Goin’ Deep Show. Kid suggests some finger sniffing and we get the details on messing with your ladies Ex Boyfriends. Go Deep.


IN STUDIO:  It’s time to sniff some fingers with Kid, Endo, Thundercats, Jay Bird, ON THE PHONE: L.B. We catch up with L.B. and talk a ton of court related stuff.  We talk masks in court, how we’ll die and the Kid suggest ways to mess with former significant others. Jay Bird talks a bit about Celebrities and we shake our heads at reality and how it mimics movies. Endo talks bruised cock and the Kid shows the world what not to do with your face. Listen in and Go Deep. 

Listen in and go Fucking Deep. 


1:00 Dealing with Covid

2:00 Chatting with L.B. – Court update 

3:00 L.B. Soap opera drama

4:00 Eye contact – Admits guilt 

5:00 He won’t look at me – small dick

6:00 Small world prosecuting attorney 

7:00 Sniffing the fingers 

8:00 Going after the guy with the best paycheck 

9:00 Phil Collins celebrity encounter 

10:00 Heartbreak 

11:00 Wearing a mask in court 

12:00 Drinking with the bitches 

13:00 Standing outside of home depot is fine 

14:00 Heart explosion 

15:00 Getting Endo’s autograph 

16:00 Porking dudes 

17:00 Chick with the fucked up face 

18:00 Feeling like a celebrity 

19:00 Dick was bruised 

20:00 Trump grabbed dildo and pussy 

21:00 Tabloids are real life – Poop in a box 

22:00 Poop sounds 

23:00 Current celebs – no music 

24:00 Crooks lining their pockets 

25:00 Deposition – Big time lawyers 

26:00 Taking the suite further 

27:00 Props to L.B. 

28:00 Still talking to that chick 

29:00 Final Words 

Go Deep.

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