Goin’ Deep Show 1728: The plundering of the vagina

Kleen is banging mid-day at a park on second base. Claims to have banged 642 times in a year. We play a song the gets ruined and make fun of Ditty for trying to talk GM and their shitty logo to give him money. Go Deep. 

Goin’; Deep Show 1687: The Church of Dumbass

We realize big mombo jom-bo’s can handle it if you slap em around a little more. Kid realizes he’s living in his new website, Salute our friend Dutch who sideswipes us with some graphic content, We talk about fatties on TV, Instagram being big fat fucking pussies, dirty Cooch, 14,000 pussies and Kendall Jenner dazzling Mr. Kleen with her hips. We wrap up with a stunning hottie and we make Kleen do math when he ads up his conquests. Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1686: White guys feelings don’t matter

Kid reveals that he has a hard time being coaxed into anything with money. Kleen tries to bribe with beer and somehow gets paint involved.  We throw out to a local that Kleen gives a two strong thumbs up to. We throw shouts to a new listener who loves Raven Riley and we talk about rubbing your dick raw. Kid reveals how to test someone’s concentration and what political chick we’d throw it in. Kid recaps Zaldor eating his microphone and how much we love girl shit. Go Deep.