Goin’ Deep Show 1794: Balls stuck to your leg

Time to unlatch your sweaty balls from your leg.  Kid and Kleen bring up topics that range from telling Facebook to go fuck itself, Suction cupped testicles, banana flavored underpants, killings with bats, teacher of the year suicides and watching off with the corn cob butter applicator. Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1598: One night stand count

Kid and Kleen welcome in Hi Ho and Endo to the program to plow through a few items on the dirty list.  We talk about foreskins, topless girlfriends, dental floss underwear and belts around necks.  Mr. Kleen gives us the back catalog of one night stands, HI HO tells us how to start her day and end her day and we ask the ladies what the perfect dick is. We drink some what’s on tap and talk about Donald Trump and his focus on projects being put on the back burner because he’s banging so many chicks. We wrap with a rapid fire on the dirty list.  Listen in and Go Deep.