Goin’ Deep Show 1801: Go cheat with the pastor

Kid and Kleen talk of pastors doing absolutely the wrong thing when helping a couple, We encourage people to buy some merchandise, Kid makes fun of those less gifted and we wrap with Billie Eilish, Chinese and mouthing the absolute wrong thing. Listen in. Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1790: Billie Eilish titties floppin’ right out

Its clip time motherfucker.  Kid and Kleen discuss shows they’re watching, Show off Billie Eilish’s jugs flopping around and play a clip of a new superhero group of SJW’s. We play a fake ad or two, tell you to go watch a new Pretty Wreckless video featuring some members of Soundgarden and the boys wrap with a review of Austin TX and a hottie of the week. Lots to digest in this one. Listen in. Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1591: She’s naked down there

In this episode of the Show Kid, Endo, Thundercat and Jay Bird get in studio to discuss celebrity hunting and then some. Endo and Hi Ho complain about chicks not seeing as many dicks on the internet as tits, ass and pussy and we play a clip of a Major League baseball player grabbing a chicks titties during a live game. To top it off the Kid plays a clip of a few chicks behind home plate whipping their jugs out at a world series game and we ask Jay Bird about which celebs he likes to bump into. We wrap it all up with some Eric Andre clips. Listen in and go Fucking Deep.