Goin’ Deep Show 1767: Nerd Battles and Taco Vagina

Kid, Kleen and The Phenom dive deep into nerd battles, grocery store Tik Tok’s, our parents vs us, play clips from taco, almost naked chicks, crystal meth drunken chicks and banging in cars because that car is a ride to fuck somewhere else. Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1594: Lets party with Mom

Kid and Kleen mention real life meetings to plan for the show, What the actual Fuck.  The Kid is sick of that goddamn Fleetwood Mac Song being played everywhere, Kleen sends a bunch of memes that are unrelated then does a recap of his kid playing fall softball. We do a review of the Twin Peaks Breastaraunt. We do a male vs female then hit headlines that include a party with mom scenario, Rogan’s producer gets Covid and we wrap with a Hottie of the week. Listen in and go Fucking Deep.