Goin’ Deep Show 1740: The Fishbowl of Fantasies

Goggle’d up faces for load, Fishbowls of fantasies, Naked and Afraid and who’s the stronger of the sexes. Kid and Kleen ask about sexy Lola Bunny, pizza and porn and we agree its impossible for women to be like guys. Go Deep. 

Goin’ Deep Show 1664: Huey-tallica and the fakies

We knocked the damn power out on half the room.  Kid and Kleen make best of the situation as we scramble to go live in this episode of the Podcast.  Topics covered include High Society magazine, nipple coverage, Netscape Navigator, a mashup of Huey and Metallica along with fake guns on asians and being greedy fuckers.  We wrap with a new sesame street song and ways to steal that are not very effective. Listen in. Go Deep.

Goin’ Deep Show 1663: Suck a Cheeta Dick

Kid, Silverback and Spoo from Atlanta yap over some awful Spoo audio. We play some Classic Wesley Willis, Ex’s working at breweries, Ice Cube Raider caps and riots are brought up. We realize Don Rickles would have a hard time in todays world with all the sensitive pussies, We play a little Throat Babies, and Ava Devine. Audio a little shaky in this one from Spoo’s phone. Go deep.